"Easy for you,

creative for us"

Have you ever thought of how convenient it would be to pitch your idea to a creative team that can provide you with all the necessary to realise your project?

After years of experience helping clients to put together a team of people

 from different fields and organisations,

we have realized that having a premium 360° service in one place is exactly 

what brands need today. 

For this reason, our team has come together to make your life easier, and even affordable (!). 

The first step is to have a free chat/consultation about your project. 

Only after that, we will begin to work with your preferred people and realise your idea.

The possibility to book a full team tailors to thorough service;

however, each talent can also be booked individually.

Our plan can easily adapt to each client, according to your needs and conditions.

If it sounds too easy from your hand, we ask you to believe in our motto:

Easy for you, creative for us.

Dalmatian will be thrilled to work with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.